Frog in a Blender

Frog in a Blender

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 in Episodes, Press & Splode

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  1. [...] Mann, der uns den Frosch im Mixer brachte, überlegt offenbar nicht mehr in Flash zu [...]

  2. Cleo says:

    The old adage, either the glass is 1/2 full or 1/2 empty applies to this situation. Sometimes, we are the ones pushing the buttons, while other times, our buttons are getting pushed. Just remember, a wise man once said, Stay up, Pray up, and don’t give up till you go up! We who the devil would destroy he must first make angry.

  3. [...] y avait cette animation qui circulait lorsque nous étions jeunes. Si vous voulez jouer c’est ici. Personnellement, je n’est pas été capable, c’est trop stressant et [...]

  4. [...] After that, I started to have some fun with him. I took my kid’s Venom figurine and dressed him in some old Barbie clothes. Now, when he starts his rantings in my head, I  mentally dress him up in funny clothes and tell him to go play in heavy traffic. We have this back and forth that reminds me a lot of the Frog in the Blender. [...]

  5. [...] En een ander voorbeeld was Frog in a Blender. Een animatie over een kikker in een blender die je uitdaagt de blender steeds een tandje hoger te zetten, totdat… nou ja, probeer zelf maar uit [...]

  6. Not Since 95 says:

    [...] Taking three hours to download a single Nirvana song. Learning what would happen if you put a frog in a blender. Downloading every possible sound clip from The Simpsons and changing all of your system noises. [...]

  7. [...] me of this .. Frog in a Blender | Joe Cartoon __________________ "When my wife asks why i'm still up, it's safer to tell her that i'm [...]

  8. [...] forum but I don’t think I ever participated. Funny thing is that this stuff is way closer to things that got me into flash than stuff I actually do with flash [...]

  9. [...] Frog in a Blender: (Sound required). I’m guessing this is among the most well-known items in my list, since it was one of the first interactive Flash animations that was widely shared online at the time, and it launched the Joe Cartoon brand. Still funny. Still wrong. [...]

  10. Joshua I agree with the Justin Bieber in a blender!!!! lol

  11. Way good to see ya back, Joe! No one has the flavor of humor you do! Do you think you might get back the “Blend the Boss game? Dat ting was da bomb! <3


    ….Jus’ throwin’ that out there.

  13. Beers4all says:

    One of the first ever Joecartoons I saw, loved the site ever since.

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