Joeman Anticipates Grammys

the joeman is heading into the studio soon to record 12 new cussin’ joe twoshacks tunes. with titles like..”dingoes don’t eat gay babies” and “two stupid rednecks and a real dum girl” i anticipate grammys being hurled at me like eggs at a cop on devils night. i am also in the process of recruiting 10-12 independent animators to interpret a song i assign to them with very little direction. the finished project will be a cd/dvd with some extra cool stuff. so yah…that’s what i’m thinking.

….how yuh like them apples?

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 in Blog

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  1. MunKy says:

    Joeman needs grammys to feed on the flesh of the living grammy givers, give Joeman Grammys so the gammypololypse can begin. All hail Joeman!

  2. pinkdragon says:

    I love that your back for the longest of time i couldnt find you Joe when im too high to actually get off my enormously fat ass to doo aomething the things i value in life most are beer football and some awsome joeclips. joe your the best!

  3. Regina says:

    I need this as my ring tone!

  4. shinglhed says:

    I’ve been following Joe since ’98 and never been disappointed. Love the sick and oh so wrong!
    Joe Cartoon rules!

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